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PUP Welcomes New Member Donella Meadows Institute

PUP welcomes New Member Donella Meadows Institute headed by executive director Marta Ceroni. DMI honors the work originally started by famed systems thinker Donella Meadows, adjunct professor at Dartmouth College and co-author of the classic Limits to Growth first published in 1972. DMI will assist the PUP Consortium in areas such as systems thinking and…

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PUP Carries out Exploratory Trip in Archeological Park in Facatativá, Colombia

PUP Carries out an Exploratory Trip in Piedras de Tunjo Archeological Park in Facatativá, Colombia. PUP Coordinator Jon Kohl was accompanied by Clara Osorio of the Colombian National Parks and Diana Mora of the National Learning Service (SENA). The objective was to investigate the feasibility of initiating the PUP Process in this municipal park. In…

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PUP Forges New Interpretive Training Course with Colombian National Training Institute and National Parks

In December PUP Coordinator Jon Kohl visited Cartagena, Colombia at the invitation of the National Learning Service (SENA) and the National Parks of Colombia to design a basic curriculum to train SENA tourism guide instructors in heritage interpretation. The goal is to train instructors so that interpretation can be added to the national guide training…

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