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12/1 PUP’s Integral Site Assessment Project Finalist in MetaIntegral Foundation Competition

PUP’s Project Crowdfunding Page   Cambridge, Massachusetts. PUP’s coordinating facilitator Jon Kohl and the Consensus Building Institute’s Washington, DC director, Merrick Hoben, joined to come up with the concept of an Integral Site Assessment. Based on Hoben’s work in Honduras and PUP’s current exploratory trip approach, they saw the need to create a site assessment…

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11/26 Public Use Planning in Panama’s Chagres National Park

                  Panama City, Panama. PUP Consortium with its partner CATIE-Panama has launched an eight-month public use planning process funded by the International Development Bank’s ECOTUR project. Chagres National Park is the principal park that protects the watershed that supplies water to the Panama Canal. Thus, key stakeholders…

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10/15 Interpretive Training with USAID ProParque and Honduran National Parks

Alejandra Reyes, Director of Honduran Protected Areas   Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The PUP Consortium under contract with USAID’s ProParque project works with the Institute for Conservation and Forestry (ICF) which oversees Honduras’s national protected areas and the association of protected area co-managers, a non-profit that supports all the co-management agencies in charge of protected areas. At…

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