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4/25 PUP/NAI/CATIE Launch New Program of Spanish Webinars on Heritage Interpretation

Why Spanish-language Interpretation Webinars? The Spanish-speaking world lacks regular online opportunities about interpretation. Therefore, many interpreters in Latin America feel isolated without access to resources in order to improve their interpretive ability. They also lack an association, a regular publication such as a newsletter or journal, and must depend on developed countries (principally Spain and…

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4/20 PUP Releases 2016 Annual Report

PUP releases its 2016 annual report both in PDF form and in web-based form. Says PUP Director, Jon Kohl, “Since we advocate that plans should be web-based and easily updated rather than in printed and bound format which makes them nearly impossible to update, we decided to start showcasing this approach first with our annual…

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4/5 PUP Will Collaborate with US National Parks to Create Interpretive Plan in Colombia’s Tayrona National Park

Bogotá, Colombia. Colombia National Natural Parks has an agreement with the US National Park Service and the International Conservation Corps (ICCF), an American NGO, in which both send current (former) and retired (latter) park personnel to countries to carry out park-related projects as international cooperation. ICCF also has a local Colombian chapter. As such in…

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