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Experience our Ideas

In 1998 when Pico Bonito National Park in Honduras asked RARE to help it find a methodology or consultant to help create a public use plan, RARE launched into an informal survey of Latin America. What it found was dead and dying (unimplemented) management plans of all kinds. So instead of offering a methodology, it offered to help the park itself, since it already specialized in ecotourism and grassroots development. But the boss said that to undertake this project meant identifying the barriers to plan non-implementation so as to avoid sending more plans to the shelf.

Since then PUP has been researching the deep causes of plan non-implementation, ideas much deeper than the easy but common excuse “lack of time, personnel, money, information, and political will.” The journey has led to what Kohl and McCool now call Holistic Planning as described in their new book, The Future Has Other Plans: Journey from Conventional to Holistic Planning through Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites.

It covers many emerging paradigms in other fields such as Integral Theory, Mutual Gains Approach, and High Resilience Organizing to name just a few. To work with PUP is to work way outside the box, beyond conventional thinking which sentences so many plans to dusty shelves.

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