What is a Lessons Learned Center? | The PUP Global Heritage Consortium

What is a Lessons Learned Center?

A lessons learned center is an institution designed to take the raw experiences of its members in the field and convert them into lessons learned and better practice. The PUP Lessons Learned Center accelerates learning among the PUP community through the production of courses, conferences, publications, tools, forums, training materials, LL databases, and events in order to meet the goals of the PUP Consortium in accordance with its principles.

Based on the model of other LLCs such as the Wildland Fires Lessons Learned Center (www.wildfirelessons.net) which unites the wildland fire-fighting community in North America, PUP is designing its LLC to unite its global community of practitioners.

While the LLC is global and virtual, it draws experiences from three Regional Learning Platforms. RLPs are semi-autonomous hubs of PUP activity in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The second two have not yet been developed. In the future the Lessons Learned Database will be accessed through this portal.

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