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Country Representatives

The PUP Consortium is a membership organization consisting of people and organizations dedicated to introducing emerging paradigms into the natural and cultural heritage management and planning field. It consists of technical service members, advisors, country representatives, staff, and general members. General members live around the world but share a desire to help us transform the dominant paradigm that leads so many development projects and management plans to failure. We are people who think outside the box and love heritage.



Our country representatives are both national ambassadors for the PUP Consortium as well as lead facilitators of the PUP Process. They may take part in other PUP Consortium programs as well. The Consortium has developed a certification program to recognize the most experienced representatives and bestow greater leadership responsibility. All representatives are independent consultants or work for other organizations but retain enough freedom to also serve the PUP Consortium.

New initiatives in a representative’s country often go through them first.


Representative Region / Language * Status PUP Experience Email
Nuno Domingos
Portugal (Spanish, Portuguese, French) Technical Advisor, Municipality of Santarém, Portugal Led part of the PUP Process in Evora World Heritage City and received PUP training 2011-2013
Lizbeth Infante (Liz)
Mexico (Spanish) Director, HESNAC, A.C. Attended PUP training in Belize in 2008. Participated in a six-site exploratory trip across Mexico in 2016. HESNAC is PUP’s official country office partner.
luongNguyen Duy Luong Vietnam
(Vietnamese, Italian, Laotian)
Affiliated with Flora & Fauna International No previous experience
IvonneIvonne Oviedo Honduras (Spanish) Director of the Honduran Network of Private Protected Reserves Interpretive training in Honduras 2015-2016
Nahar Muhammed 200 x 200



Nahar Muhammed

India & surrounding countries

(Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati)

Independent consultant No previous experience
Lucia Prinz
Lucía Prinz
Grenada, Guatemala, and the Caribbean (Spanish, German) Independent consultant, part-time field staff, Solimar International Involved with PUP and guide training while at RARE. Participated as a business planner for the development of the Public Use Plan of Chagres National Park.
carlos rosero
Carlos Rosero
Colombia (Spanish, little English) Independent associated with OpEPA Worked with Jon in interpretive training and local tour operator capacity building in Colombia; lead development of best practice for sustainable tourism mini-guides of which PUP also advised, 2012-2013

*: Languages besides English


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