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Technical Service Members

The PUP Consortium is a membership organization consisting of people and organizations dedicated to introducing emerging paradigms into the natural and cultural heritage management and planning field. It consists of regional learning platforms, technical service members, advisors, country representatives, and general members. General members live around the world but share a desire to help us transform the dominant paradigm that leads so many development projects and management plans to failure. We are people who think outside the box and love heritage.

According to the PUP Consortium’s strategy of complementarity, its membership should have expertise in a variety of knowledge and skill sets related to heritage area management and consistent with our three programs. The sum of these is our knowledge pool. We strive to avoid internal competition by assigning skills or knowledge sets as well as particular programs to each member. Technical Service Members are organizations or individuals who offer a complementary knowledge or skill set to particular programs. As such when the PUP Consortium has a consultation about the TSM’s area or requires its area in a project, the TSM is the go-to organization or person. They participate directly in projects.



PUP Focus Area
Member Skill/Knowledge Set Contact
Community Facilitation and Conflict Resolution cbi logo


Conflict mediation and resolution, stakeholder engagement, training stacie

Stacie Smith

Public Use Planning Logo-ETE

Ecological Tourism in Europe

Sustainable tourism planning in Europe

Michael-Meyer Michael Meyer

Public Use Planning Logo Hesnac
Herencia Social Natural y CulturalPUP Country Office
Management of private protected areas, promotion of PUP programs in Mexico liz

Liz Infante (website coming)

Heritage interpretation development


Organization for Education and Environmental Protection

PUP Country Office

Guiding, interpretation, environmental and outdoor education, small tourism provider development

Carlos Rosero

Public Use Planning Matt Humke, consultant staff for Solimar International, based in Antigua, Guatemala Business planning, site destination marketing, community-based ecotourism development Matt
Heritage Interpretation Development Dr. Antonieta Jiménez, Professor, Colegio de Michoacán, México Planning and writing cultural heritage interpretation, community archaeology
Heritage Interpretation Development Marisol Mayorga, PhD Candidate, Kansas State University, former coordinator of Environmental Interpretation Program, University of Costa Rica Environmental education and interpretation; authenticity and visitor perception; teaching material development Marisol


If you would like to be considered as a PUP Consortium TSM, please contact us ().

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