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Organizational Structure

The PUP Consortium is a non-profit, mission-driven, unincorporated (see reason below), membership, multi-sectoral, virtual, global network.

The People

Our membership includes a coordinator who manages operations but depends on contributions of many people to get the work done, including several staff, both volunteer and part-time. The board of directors makes principal decisions with the assistance of the Advisory Council. We have country representatives located in various countries around the world. These individuals serve as ambassadors and project leads in their areas. They are independents and also employees of organizations that seek opportunities for the Consortium as well as follow up on Consortium issues in their regions. Technical Service Members contribute to our programs and our general members lend both economic and moral support to our mission.

The Structure

The following is a future scenario of our structure. The Consortium will consist of a small virtual administrative core as well as a lessons learned center supported geographically by regional learning platforms with the first one being constructed at CATIE in Costa Rica and programmatically by our focus areas. See our infographic below (click to enlarge).

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