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Build resilient, sustainable long-term relationships and communities

One key component of resilience is strong social cohesion of groups that can respond together in a consensual fashion, taking advantage of all their available resources.

Infuse all operations with mindful action

Being mindful rather than blindly following routines and operating procedures based on outdated expectations is to train oneself and one’s team to always be aware of small anomalies that signal potentially emerging problems.

Empower stakeholders to collaborate more effectively

Organizations must locate expertise and resources throughout their stakeholder communities and involve them in collaborative, inclusive, participatory processes in which they feel ownership, responsibility, and motivation to reach agreement and take action.

Create knowledge in order to adapt

As understandings and expectations quickly go out of date, we need new knowledge to adapt. Even more, empirical or scientific knowledge must combine with other forms of knowledge such as traditional, experiential, intuitional, collective, and spiritual.

Practice what we preach

We can only enjoy credibility and integrity in what we propose to others if we practice it ourselves.

Help organizations help themselves

We differ from other management consultants in that we insist on sites’ doing their own work. Our role is not to do for them but rather help sites do the work they really want to do and thereby develop skills they really want to develop.

Implementation > planning > plans

Our direction is always toward implementing management systems, not just creating management plans, that generate measurable life-improving results on the ground.

Work across disciplines, perspectives, and levels of consciousness

Knowledge applicable to the task is never found in just one perspective, one discipline, or one level of consciousness or awareness.

Performance and Training Principles

Learn about our guidelines in the holistic training process in English and Español:

Training Principles and Standards of the PUP Global Heritage Consortium

Principios para la capacitacion del Consorcio PUP

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