4/25 PUP/NAI/CATIE Launch New Program of Spanish Webinars on Heritage Interpretation | PUP Global Heritage Consortium

4/25 PUP/NAI/CATIE Launch New Program of Spanish Webinars on Heritage Interpretation

Why Spanish-language Interpretation Webinars?

The Spanish-speaking world lacks regular online opportunities about interpretation. Therefore, many interpreters in Latin America feel isolated without access to resources in order to improve their interpretive ability. They also lack an association, a regular publication such as a newsletter or journal, and must depend on developed countries (principally Spain and USA) to supply those services, which are not adapted to the Latin American reality.

The Partners

The PUP Global Heritage Consortium (PUP) in association with the National Association for Interpretation (NAI, USA), and CATIE university (CATIE) proudly announce the permanent webinar series about topics related to heritage interpretation. From the outset, this serie’s design is for Spanish speakers, especially in Latin America.
PUP recruits speakers from all over Latin America and Spain and carries out the webinars. NAI which has years of experience in offering English interpretation webinars is training PUP to carry out the webinars using its Adobe Connect platform. CATIE will help in webinar promotions.
PUP has hired Adriana Zúñiga, photographer and videographer as well as a graduate of the Interpretation Program at the University of Costa Rica to coordinate the webinars.

Webinar Themes

  • Holistic visitor experience planning (Jon Kohl, Costa Rica)
  • Graphic design and interpretation (Jonathan Maríno, Costa Rica)
  • Interpretation for physically demanding expeditions (Carlos Rosero, Colombia)
  • Interpretive curation for museum exhibits (Alejandra Mosco, México)
  • Archeology and interpretation to develop narratives about people from the past (Dr. Antonieta Jiménez, México)
The webinars last from one to three sessions, each of which is an hour to an hour and a half long. Prices are kept low in order that most people can access them and we are looking for more ways that people can pay for them.


In 2017 there are four webinars in order to understand the market and refine how webinars are offered. In 2018 the association will offer eight webinars and in 2018, 12 webinars.
PUP invites interpreters and guides from the Spanish-speaking world to support this initiative to promote heritage interpretation in Spanish.

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